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Mirroring the Glasses Displays on a Computer using Vysor

For Android developers, Vysor is a great tool. See the screen shot above. This shows an R-7 running the Dashboard App. One can record video of the session, and take screen shots. The host computer's keyboard and mouse can interact directly with the Android Apps running on the glasses. Great for entering configuration info like passwords, and for developing online documentation. And, note that you can have multiple Android devices connected simultaneously. You can demo using the R-7 and a phone running ReticleRemote to an audience via mirroring your computer to a big screen.
You should load Vysor onto your computer/laptop; They have both native apps and Chrome Browser Apps. We show how to load the latter:
From a Chrome browser window on MacOS, go here:
and load the Chrome App.  The one time payment option for $40 gets you the pro version with no Ads (or $10/year).  You can start with the free version, and upgrade later .  If you buy it, make sure you are logged into a Chrome account (which is distinct from your gmail account, btw).  From then on, to run it, you then need to be logged into your Chrome account. Or, if you switch to the native App, there is a way to load a license key to enable it when you are not on the internet.
Once you've got the Vysor chrome App loaded, you can go find & start it by going here: chrome://apps/
Once you've launched it once, it will auto start by default whenever you plug in an Android device into USB (though you can turn that off). It installs a Vysor App on your Android device, BTW.
There are some Pro features like operating over WiFi which are pretty cool. Check it out!
To enable the connection over WiFi, you must first connect over USB, and then once connected, click the WiFi button on the Vysor main window (not the remote window of the glasses). This will disconnect the session temporarily, and then automatically reconnect over WiFi. You can then disconnect the USB cable and it will keep on mirroring.  Have fun!
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