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How to enable MTP on the Marshmallow R-7


The ReticleOS release 4.1.x (Android 6.0.1) changes slightly the way that MTP is enabled. It can be done via System Settings->Developer Options-> Select USB Configuration, but this does not persist. A quicker way to do it if via Notifications.

On Marshmallow, each time you connect USB, if you want the glasses to show up as a MTP device, you need to go to Notifications, and enable MTP like so. Steps:

  1. Press Menu button, select Notifications:Screen_Shot_2017-03-07_at_2.47.46_PM.png
  2. Select USB for Charging (Touch for more options); This pops up this dialog: Screen_Shot_2017-03-07_at_2.48.00_PM.png
  3. Select File Transfers; This will enable MTP.
  4. On Macs, you'll need Android File Transfer installed to see the glasses; Windows and Linux hosts handle MTP natively.
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