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Configuring Teleporter

Our base Teleporter App has the following basic features:
  1. uses standard SIP for call control, so you can use a range of commercial internet carriers to handle the backend of the call.
  2. is an Android client, so you can call glasses to glasses or glasses to a phone or tablet.
  3. does simultaneous voice and video.
  4. each user can control their video and audio, and the other party's video and audio.
  5. each user can send and receive chat text messages.
  6. each user can see the image they are transmitting also, and the sizes of the images can be flipped in size and position.
  7. requires having robust WiFi for these Apps to work well.  Min bandwidth both up and down should be at least 10 Mbps.
  8. requires each device to have a separate, unique SIP account.  We have used a free service called sip2sip.info.
We have not yet completed some other AR features, like being able to push content from one user to the other, or to annotate on their display.  These types of features are in some of our partner's implementations.  
Notes & Caveats: 
  1. We only support Android.
  2. We have an App for the R-6 (Jellybean) and a version for KitKat or Lollipop Smart Phones / Tablets called Teleporter.apk.  We are providing the App for Smart Phones / Tablets only for demos, and we don't intend to productize it in the short term. (Attached to this article).
  3. Having robust WiFi is required for these Apps to work well.  We have also had one device connected via LTE instead, and that works too, albeit more latency.  Min bandwidth both up and down should be at least 10 Mbps.
  4. Most of our testing has been with both devices set up as WiFi clients connect to high performance Access Points.  The better the APs and switches they are plugged in to, the better it works.
  5. Another configuration that works is by using a smart phone or tablet that is 4G/LTE enabled and configured as a hotspot Access Point, and having the glasses connect to the smart phone or tablet as a client. 
  6. Each device needs a separate, unique SIP account.  We have used a free service called sip2sip.info.  You can create accounts by going here:  https://mdns.sipthor.net/register_sip_account.phtml   If you have a different service you use, it may work fine, but you would have to know the configuration information.  It needs to support video as well as audio.
  1. Create your SIP accounts;  Generally, there is a public account (usually in email address format), a password, and an internal account ID.  Make a note of those.
  2. On the R-6, make sure you are connected to the internet, and then go to the AppCenter App and download and install Teleporter.apk;
  3. Side load the Teleporter.apk App on your KitKat or Lollipop Smart Phone / Tablet ;  If you need help with this, please ask, including a dropbox link to the apk.
  4. On each of the devices, Launch the App and configure the account information as shown below.
  5. Once configured, reboot both devices.  Launch the App. Select the gear icon and login, and look for the green dot on the notification bar.  Also, note that the device will be shown in the registered or connected state;
  6. Exit the App, and then restart;  This will bring up the Available Connections dialog.
  7. Add a connection via the Available Connections dialog to the other device's account on both devices.
  8. Click the connection to call it.
(This screenshots were from a R-7 in landscape orientation)
The first time you launch the App; it looks like this; click OK:
Next, you'll see this:
Screen_Shot_2017-03-10_at_9.46.13_AM.pngClick the gear icon, and you'll see the follow menu:
You'll need to configure the following sections (examples shown were using the sip2sip backend) :
  • General - check all the check boxes needed; those in particular:

  • Enable AEC, Voice activity detector, noise reduction - check

  • Launch when system starts - check this is you want to always be running the service to receive calls.

  • Intercept outgoing calls, enable video full screen mode, enable front facing camera - check

  • enable auto answer - check if you want to automatically answer any incoming call.

  • Identity

Change these:
    1. Public Identity: sip2sip address - Note the sip: prefix!

    2. Private Identity: sip2sip username

    3. Password:

    4. Realm: sip2sip.info

  • Network

Proxy-CSCF Host: proxy.sipthor.net

  • Security - no changes

  • Codecs - no changes

  • Messaging - no changes

  • Qos/QoE - no changes

  • NATT - check all the check boxes.

To Login, first exit the App and restart; In Launcher, click and hold on the Teleporter Icon, and then select Quit. Then, click again to start.
You may or may not need to click gear icon to get to the config menu, select login;
Successful login will result in a green dot in upper left corner notification bar:
Add a connection to the  endpoint you want to call in the available connections dialog:
Note the phone icon in the event notification status bar.
Known Issues / FAQ :
1) Can't get initially connected/registered - 
When there is a green dot in the notification bar
Make sure you are connected to the internet;

Check all the screens and make sure you've updated as noted below.
  • Identity

    1. Public Identity: sip2sip address - Note the sip: prefix! Look at the example screenshot: sip:paul.matz@sip2sip.info

    2. Private Identity: sip2sip username: paul.matz

    3. Password: (put it in again if everything else looks right).

    4. Realm: sip2sip.info

  • Network

Proxy-CSCF Host: proxy.sipthor.net
  • NATT - check all the check boxes.

2) Call connects, but video screens do not come up.
Teleporter certainly isn't perfect :-);  You need to have very good WiFi connections to both devices, first of all.  And both devices need to show either being registered or connected, with a green dot in the upper left hand corner of the status bar.  For some reason, sometimes the App does not get focus and to the front when it becomes connected, the App goes the background, so the video is not visible.  Audio should be working;  Was it?  If you see the green phone icon in the notification bar, the way you get the video to the foreground is to hit the menu button, select Notifications, and then look for an IMSDroid Call (x) entry and select it.  That should pop up the video.
Adb commands you can use to help speed configuration:
adb shell input text ODGdemo1
adb shell input text odgdemo1@sip2sip.info
adb shell input text odgdemo1
adb shell input text WelcomeODG2015
adb shell input text sip2sip.info
adb shell input text proxy.sipthor.net
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