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R-7 Beta Preview of Android Marshmallow version of ReticleOS


Note: Android 6.0.1 version of ReticleOS for the R-7 has been released as of first week of July. 

The method for over the air update is available. See this announcement:


Leaving this article below for reference and later use on subsequent Betas, but the Beta OS image has been taken down.


We are announcing Beta/Preview of a Android 6.0.1 version of ReticleOS for the R-7.  The version as of today available is version 4.1.14.

Important Note: Downgrading is not easily possible once you upgrade an Android ReticleOS. Once upgraded to Marshmallow, it is not possible to downgrade back to KitKat via supported methods. We suggest you allocate a set of glasses to validate this Preview, realizing they will be only upgradeable to newer versions of Marshmallow.

This beta has now been available for sideloading since the beginning of March 2017. Versions made available were 4.1.6, 4.1.10 and 4.1.11.  If you have downloaded and installed any of these versions and want to update to 4.1.14, you must use the sideload method documented below to update to 4.1.14.  See the steps in the "How to Download the zip for sideloading" & "ReticleOS Manual adb sideload Method" sections below.


How to Do an Over-the-Air Update to Marshmallow from KitKat

If your R-7 is running ReticleOS 3.5.x (KitKat), you should be able to do an OTA update over WiFi.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Connect to an available WiFi Access point with a strong signal (5 GHz preferable).
  2. Under System Settings -> Reticle -> Developer Settings ->Select  “Set as Beta Build Tester”:
    1. Screen_Shot_2017-04-26_at_2.21.07_PM.png
  3. Launch “System Update” app, click “Check now ” to download the latest available Beta builds.
  4. Once the download is complete , choose “Update Now ” to initiate the system update .


How to Download the zip for sideloading

The update is available for download and ADB sideload. The instructions for sideloading are below. First, here's how to download. To download the zip file needed for sideloading, we have added a feature to AppCenter that allows developers to download System Update zip files.  If you don't already have an AppCenter account & ReticleID, you must create an AppCenter account first: Creating-a-Reticle-AppCenter-ID

[Please note that access to AppCenter may be restricted in your country. If you can't log in or access AppCenter, please submit a support ticket to: 


and please select Marshmallow Update from the "How can we help you?" pop-up list while filling out the form, and we will send you a link to download].


Once you have an account, if you have not uploaded any Applications for distribution yet, you must manually set yourself as a developer to have access to the System Update downloads. To do this, log in and click your name in the upper right:


Select "Upgrade to Developer":



Once you've completed this selection, you are now a developer.  Click your name again, and you will see some new addition options:


Select the option "SU Builds", which stands for System Update Builds. This will show you a list of available OS versions. It should show you the following (though the version will be 4.1.14):


You can click on the Tar/Zip file, or the Release Notes, to initiate a download.  You will be prompted with some terms to review and accept:


Clicking Download will start the download.

Latest Beta Version is now 4.1.14


The Build Number for this open Beta Preview is now version 4.1.14.  

If you have any issues or questions regarding this update, please submit a tickethttps://support.osterhoutgroup.com/hc/en-us/requests/new while selecting Marshmallow Update from the "How can we help you?" pop-up list. Thanks.

ReticleOS Manual adb sideload Method (user build) :

Once available for general release, ReticleOS can be updated directly on the R-7 over the air (WiFi) from ODG's server via the System Update App. This allows the glasses to access the latest released OS. For providing access to beta previews for developers on a per ReticleID basis directly from the glasses, we are working on a feature (included in Marshmallow), also over the air. 

Until that facility is available, developers can download sideloadable updates via the web UI of AppCenter (described above). This sideload procedure below describes how to apply these updates.

First, your R-7 needs to be at ReticleOS version 3.5.17 or higher.  See this for basic steps:


Also, you will need a development host (PC/Mac/Linux) that can connect to the Glasses via adb. If you need help with this, check for references on the developer's site.

Finally, you will need to download a zip file containing the update.  See above. Pay attention closely to the version you are updating from, because the manual method does not mandate the version from which you are updating is compatible. Updating from an incorrect version may have odd or bad effects; For this 4.1.6 ReticleUS update, you should update from 3.5.17 or 3.5.19.

Once you've confirmed your device is at a 3.5.17 or higher version, you can then sideload the Beta/Preview OS. Here are the steps with some example output:

  1. Download the OTA image (ODG_R7_V4.1.14.signed-ota_update.zip) to a host that has been set up to allow a USB connection to R-7 with adb.
  2. Boot R-7 by first pressing and holding the volume up button (the one closest to the front) and then press and release the power button.
  3. R-7 boots into Android system recovery mode.  Use the volume down button to select "Apply update from ADB" option, then press the power button.
  4. It will prompt you to send the package;  Enter the following command on your dev host running adb using the file you downloaded (make sure to supply the version specific file name you downloaded).
    • adb sideload ODG_R7_V4.1.14.signed-ota_update.zip
  5. This will then display on the dev host messages similar to the following:
    • loading: 'ODG_R7_V4.1.14.signed-ota_update.zip'
    • sending: 'ODG_R7_V4.1.14.signed-ota_update.zip'   0-100%    
  6. Upon completion of the transfer, you will see in the R-7 recovery console the following messages:
    • Restarting adbd
    • Finding update package
    • Opening update package
    • Verifying update package
    • Installing update
    • Patching firmware images
    • script succeeeded: result was [/system]
    • Install from ADB complete.
  7. This will land you back in the recovery console option "reboot system now". Hit power button to reboot.


This will update only the Apps installed in the system Partition; Apps in the userdata partition should be unaffected.


  • The update does sometimes turn off all the wireless for some reason. You should be able to turn WiFI and BT back on after a graceful shutdown and restart.
  • Once you’ve updated, you should log in to AppCenter and see if any of your Apps need to be updated. Those that you update will have their Launcher shortcuts removed (we plan to fix this), but you can add the shortcuts back easily thru the usual means.
  • Sometimes the AppCenter update fails silently; you need to check notifications to determine if it failed; a -104 error indicates a certificate mismatch between the existing App and the new one. The work around for this issue is to uninstall the existing App and then install the new one from AppCenter.
Please note the following ReticleOS 4.1.14 errata & known issues for this preview:
  1. Vuforia is not supported in this release
  2. Apps must be modified to adjust permissions according to Marshmallow standards.
  3. Video player has permission issue on first time use (video player stops a few times and then eventually you get prompted for access permissions, then works normally)
  4. System update of encrypted devices will fail, the user data is corrupted, and a factory reset is required. (The good news is the Apps are in the system partition, so those are not lost).
  5. Some Apps have memory leaks.
  6. Encryption is not on by default;
  7. Microphone sensitivity changed from Kitkat; the default MIC now has higher gain than the CAMCORDER mic. This was the opposite case in the latest KitKat release.
  8. The orientation of 360 video played in the Web Browser is sometimes incorrect, depending on server side player code used.
  9. Support for connecting the R-7 to a smart phone via Power Hub (glasses as host), has been renamed; it is called USB Reverse Tether, under System Settings->More;
  10. Adb authentication - older versions of adb won’t work with Marshmallow; developers must update their version of adb to recent enough version that supports authentication.
  11. S3D 360 Video playback not supported yet.
  12. External USB to WiFi adapter not supported.
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