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Glasses charge, but ADB & MTP over USB are not working


The glasses should have come set with adb debugging enabled by default. When you are wearing the glasses, and you plug in the USB cable, you should see notifications being displayed in the status bar. Or, plug it in and then press the menu button and select Notifications, and you should see 2 USB notifications.

  1. USB Debugging Connected
  2. Connected as an Installer Device (or as a media device)

If none, then take a look at the mag end of the cable, and also the connector in the temple. Make sure that the 2 center pins of the 6 pogo pins push in and pop back out (yes, they are shorter than the other 4 outer pins on purpose), and on the temple that both magnets are still in place (one on each side of the 6 pads). Make sure it is aligned evenly, and try applying a little downward pressure on the connector. Do this while watching to see if any notifications happen.

If after all of this, you still see nothing, it could be a bad cable. Let us know....

If you see notifications, but don't know how to set up adb, check this:


If you want to enable MTP to drag and drop files onto the the glasses, see this:


Procedure is a little different on Marshmallow version of ReticleOS:


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