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Native Support for 360 Video on Marshmallow OS

The R-7 Marshmallow OS video player now supports 360 Video natively. Please read this announcement, and make sure to review the errata and known issues at the end before you update:
Bottom Line:  If you update your R-7 to the new OS, any Vuforia based demos will not work any longer, so it would be best if you want to continue to use Vuforia for now, to have a separate set of glasses available to update. We are working on an update that will support Vuforia in the coming months.
If you have not yet tried the new Marshmallow OS, you should follow the instructions in the section "How to Do an Over-the-Air Update to Marshmallow from KitKat" in the instructions above.  If you are not sure what OS version you have, read this: How-do-I-know-what-version-of-ReticleOS-software-I-m-running-
Once you have updated to the new OS, you can transfer the video to the R-7 via MTP.  Please review this article: How-to-enable-MTP-on-the-Marshmallow-R-7
Once you can access the R-7 MTP drive, in the Movies folder, create a new folder called 360Mono, and then drag and drop your video(s) into that folder. You must do this so the video player knows the video content is 360.
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