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Marshmallow Flavor of ReticleOS is now generally available


ReticleOS version 4.1.14 has been available for beta users for a few weeks, but is now up for general download.  There are many benefits that come with Marshmallow, but the ones we believe have the biggest impact on ODG smartglasses and ReticleOS fall under 5 main categories: performance, power optimization, security, system usability & release specific enhancements. 

New Features in the Release:

  1. Improved Android Performance
    RAM Management
    Doze / App Standby
  2. Camera and other Optimizations
  3. Improved Security
    App Permissions
    Security patches
  4. More intuitive UI
  5. Other Release Enhancements


Improved Android Performance:

RAM Management
Marshmallow introduces a new RAM manager that provides accurate RAM usage which can be used to determine apps that degrade system performance.


Doze / App Standby

  • Doze reduces the background processes helping to reduce battery consumption in cases of longer-term inactivity when the device is not connected to a charger.
  • App Standby allows the system to determine that an app is idle when the user is not actively using it. 
  • Doze and App Standby help improve the standby time and provide hooks for application developers to improve system runtime


Camera and other Optimizations

Our testing indicates for Apps that use the camera, or stream a lot of network content, or do other background tasks, there's a reduction in the device surface temperature in the range of 3 - 5 degrees C. This was comparing the same App running on the same device, only having updated the OS.



App Permissions
Starting Marshmallow, users can control what capabilities or information individual apps can access. For example, an app might want permission to see the device contacts, location, access to camera etc. User has control to deny access to any of these resources.


Security Patches
Starting Android M, google started releasing security bulletins which include information users can follow to ensure their device has the latest security updates. Chipset manufacturers may also publish security vulnerability details specific to their products.


Other Security Improvements

  • Addresses security holes in media server that enabled hacking KitKat devices
  • 100 % SeLinux enforced
  • Full disk encryption
  • Hardware backed keystore compared to basic cryptographic keystore for any encryption operations
  • Multi user security, differentiating security for each user


Improved Standard UI:

  • In built dark and Light theme
  • Newer Animations
  • Material design


Release Enhancements:

In addition to the generic benefits of Marshmallow over KitKat, the following are some specific enhancements in the release:

  1. Wikitude SDK 7 will work on Marshmallow
  2. AT&T & Verizon USB to LTE Dongle Support
  3. Added 360 Mono support to the native Video Player, plus 360 stills.
  4. Updated Chromium Browser to more recent
  5. Bug Fix to an SSLSocket issue that enables Apps to access Amazon Voice Services.(AVS)
  6. Microphone sensitivity changed from Kitkat; the default MIC now has higher gain than the CAMCORDER mic. 
  7. Many standard Application bug fixes since KitKat
  8. System UI
    1. Enable bouncer for Notifications window
    2. Add shadow to fond for better visibility
    3. Force landscape mode from OdgSettings
    4. New boot animation
  9. ODG Settings: check user role to enable beta OS access, add user guide
  10. Reticle Services: store user role in account manager
  11. Reticle Remote:  Add WIFI & Battery support APIs
  12. Network: Add USB tether support, Added support for AT&T, Verizon 4G LTE as Ethernet interface
  13. Applications Versions: Calculator :2.0.5 --Camera : 2.0.25 --Clock : 2.0.5 --Contacts : 2.0.4 --Dashboard : 2.0.9 --Email:2.0.24 --File Browser :2.0.18 --Gallery :2.0.30 --Music :2.0.8 --System Update :2.1.1 –Web browser: 2.0.20 --Chat:2.0.11 --Video Player Updated Video player to 2.0.2 -– PDF Viewer:2.0.13 -–AppCenter:1.0.8 -–Teleporter: 2.0.15


Before You Update:

First, your R-7 needs to be running ReticleOS 3.5.x.

NuEyes customers should NOT update to Marshmallow at this time. Please contact your distributor.

Check this reference: How-do-I-know-what-version-of-ReticleOS-software-I-m-running?

Your Build Number string should include ODG_R7_V3.5.XX where XX is either 17 or 19. If you are running an earlier version, contact us here: http://development.osterhoutgroup.com/support-submitrequest.php

and set the "How can we help you?" field to "Marshmallow Update". Thanks.


Next, please first review the following known issues and general information about the release:

  • Vuforia is not supported in this release; Any App that uses Vuforia tracking will not work correctly.
  • Apps must be modified to adjust permissions according to Marshmallow standards.
  • Video player has permission issue on first time use (video player stops a few times and then eventually you get prompted for access permissions, then works normally)
  • System update of encrypted devices will fail, the user data is corrupted, and a factory reset is required. (The good news is the Apps are in the system partition, so those are not lost).
  • Some Apps have memory leaks.
  • Encryption is not on by default;
  • Microphone sensitivity changed from Kitkat; the default MIC now has higher gain than the CAMCORDER mic. This was the opposite case in the latest KitKat release.
  • The orientation of 360 video played in the Web Browser is sometimes incorrect, depending on server side player code used.
  • Support for connecting the R-7 to a smart phone via Power Hub (glasses as host), has been renamed; it is called USB Reverse Tether, under System Settings->More;
  • Adb authentication - older versions of adb won’t work with Marshmallow; developers must update their version of adb to recent enough version that supports authentication.
  • S3D 360 Video playback not supported yet.
  • External USB to WiFi adapter not supported.
  • ReticleRemote for iOS doesn’t work reliably with R-7 (either Kitkat or Marshmallow)

Please also note the following - If you used the Teleporter App on KitKat, you need to make sure it is not set to auto start at boot before you update. See instructions below on how to do this. 


How to disable Teleporter auto start before you Update to MM:

Go to All apps:


Click on Teleporter app:


Click on Settings (Gear) Icon :


Select on General:


Turn off auto launch by unselecting “Launch after system starts":



Marshmallow Update Procedure

When you have reviewed the features, issues, and made sure to disable Teleporter, you can proceed to do the update by following the following steps.

In All Apps, search for the System Update App, and run it.  



You'll see this:


Then click Check now. You should see this:


Click OK. Then you will see the following:


and then the download will complete...


and then prompt to run the Update:


Click Update Now.  The device will reboot, and you will see the little green Android man for a while, then the System Recovery/Update Kernel runs to apply the downloaded file as an OS update. The device will in most cases eventually reboot, and you will be notified that the update complete successfully. Be patient. This takes a while...


E:footer is wrong Note - you may encounter an issue here, and the device OS Update fails, leaving the following text messages on the R-7 display:


Android system recovery <3e>


Volume up/down to move highlight;

Enter Power button to select.


Reboot system now                                     (These are available commands )

Apply update from ADB

Wipe data/factory reset

Wipe cache partition

Apply update from downloads                    (until here )


Finding update package…

Opening update package…

Verifying update package…

E:footer is wrong

E:signature verification failed

Installation aborted.


If this occurs, it is because it is likely the userdata partition file system has orphaned Inodes, which get created under certain circumstances like a forced hard reboot, and OS crashes. These are not an issue under normal circumstances, but causes the System Recovery to not be able to reliably read the downloaded OS image data.

If your device does not have user data you want to preserve, then use the volume buttons to select the Wipe data/factory reset option and press the power button, and then rerun the above steps to run the Marshmallow Update Procedure System Update again, once the device has rebooted.

If your device has user data you want to backup, then use the volume buttons to select the Reboot system now option and press the power button, and then backup your user data once the device has rebooted. After that, run the factory reset procedure, and then rerun the above Marshmallow Update Procedure steps to run the System Update once again.  Sorry for the inconvenience!


The new build number of the Marshmallow ReticleOS in the System Settings should be:


The latest standard Apps are bundled/baked into the release download, so you should have all the Apps. Use AppCenter to check for any App updates after you update.



If you update, but then decide you want to go back to KitKat, we've provided a tool to use to do this, although it requires a Developer's Linux host you have sudo permission on. See this reference:





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