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Do Applications that use Vuforia's SDK work on the latest release of ReticleOS on R-7?


Update as of 11/8/2017 - Please read. When initially released, ReticleOS 4.1.14 (derived from Marshmallow, Android 6.0.1) had changes that were incompatible with Applications using Vuforia SDK for Digital Eyewear that worked fine on the R-7 when running previous KitKat based releases.

Vuforia has now completed an update to their SDK, version 6-5-23, that will now support Apps running on the latest version of ReticleOS on R-7; note your R-7 ReticleOS will need to be updated to a later version that 4.1.14. If you want to wait for the official release, we hope it will be the end of November. If you want to try an Beta OS preview, read on. (It is assumed that Application developers wanting to update their Apps that use Vuforia will use this method).

This article announces the preview: ReticleOS-4-2-5-Beta-Preview-is-Now-Available-

Once updated, you'll need the latest Vuforia SDK. Make sure to get a Version >= v6-5-23.

 https://developer.vuforia.com/downloads/sdk     (choose the Download for Android).

If you are using Unity, and have a recent version for Vuforia included, you need to patch your Unity environment.  Note – 2017.2 Patch 2 was released mid November:


Finally, you'll need to rebuild your App with that new Vuforia SDK.  Please let us know how it goes!

If you are using Apps that are dependent on Vuforia, they will need to be recompiled; Ask your App vendor for an update.

You may want to (re)calibrate your camera/display view.  You can download the latest App to do this here: Calibration Assistant

You will need to print out this Calibration Target at 100% scale.

Sample App: Attached to this article is the standard TeaPot sample.  It uses the standard Stones Target from Vuforia.


Legacy Support:

If you updated over the air to 4.1.14, or received new glasses recently that had 4.1.14 installed in the factory, and you want to run older Apps that use Vuforia tracking but those Apps have not yet updated to use the later SDK, then you can downgrade the R-7 ReticleOS to 3.5.19 temporarily via this procedure. Then, once the Application has been updated to use the newer SDK released by Vuforia, it is simple to update again to a later version of ReticleOS via the OTA method.


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