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ADB over WiFi (IP) via USB Tether



If you have enabled tethering from the development Laptop/PC, so you can do IP over USB between the PC and glasses, but you still want to use adb, then you will need to switch to using adb over WiFi option. [Note that enabling the adb over WiFi option enables adb over IP in general, so the development Laptop/PC can connect to adbd on the glasses over any IP network connection].

To enable Tethering glasses to a Laptop/PC over USB, connect the glasses using the 6 pin magnetic connector to USB Standard A male cable to the Laptop/PC and go to:

System Settings->More (Wireless & networks)->Tethering & portable hotspots->USB tethering

It should show USB as connected; click to tether; Once you do this, the glasses issue an IP address to theLaptop/PC; It should be in the subnet 192.168.42.XXX; The glasses are assigned to (don't ask us why!!). If you can ping from the Laptop/PC to, then you have connectivity.

The procedure is:

  1. Hit menu button, select System Settings
  2. Then, go to -> More... -> Tethering & Portable Hotspots
  3. Connect your glasses to the computer using the Mag to USB standard A cable
  4. the "USB Tethering" option should go from being greyed out, to being active
  5. (if it does not become enabled, then you may have a bad cable, or also try rebooting the glasses)
  6. select the option. This will make the glasses a DHCP server, and it will assign an IP network address to the laptop.


Then, click on:

Settings->Reticle->Development settings, and then check Use ADB with WiFi.


Then, use the command on your Laptop/PC:

adb connect

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