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Connecting external Camera Sensors to Glasses for display


An alternative is to connect your video source to an adapter (HDMI, USB, Analog), converting to WiFi. Then, it is the adapter that must support the drivers of the device.  We've found a number of HDMI to WiFi adapters, and are evaluating them.  For USB devices like you list, it's less clear how one would approach this.  It might be the easiest to use a cheap laptop to capture and stream the UVC data.  It also depends on how good your WiFi infrastructure is, as to how low the latency will be.  One surgeon we have worked with has said they were seeing latency of around 100 ms, which is really quite good.  

Although it is possible to use WiFi adapters for cameras, and then do tetherless streaming over WiFi to the glasses, the glasses can act as a USB host, allowing connection of a USB camera directly.  A Power Hub is needed. See this reference:


One limitation for connecting USB devices to the glasses directly is that the glasses were not designed to source a lot of USB power; a cable/adapter could be made to connect low current devices (say, like a USB mouse) directly. We are working on an adapter for that, which we have prototypes of.

When connected via the Power Hub, UVC cameras are supported, in general, by both the R-6 & R-7; you'll need an Android App that can detect the camera and play it's output. 

If the video devices are USB UVC compatible, then they will likely work if they vendor says it's Android compatible and provides an App on PlayStore. The best thing to do, though, is to try the devices.  Some products claim to be compatible, and they don't work, for various reasons. Many work on Windows OS only (Windows drivers get updated automatically as needed, while Android does not do this).  If you have a device that the glasses don't support, but there's a Android Linux driver available for it, we can add that on a later release possibly for a fee.

You'll need an Android player on the glasses that can play UVC video; we can suggest a number of them, although many folks are building their own App because they want multiple functions simultaneously while displaying data from their instruments. Camerafi is one we've used, http://www.camerafi.com/ ,but there are others. Or, for folks who write their own Apps, in that case, there are some libraries needed to find and attached the UVC devices; google UVC camera libraries in Android.

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