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Ambient Light Sensor, Controlling the camera flash and recording LED


The Ambient Light Sensor's data is accessible via the normal Android API. It is used by the platform to automatically adjust the display brightness when configured for auto brightness.

The camera flash is either on or off; brightness can not be adjusted.  It is controlled also via the normal Android Camera API.

A Red LED is placed near the camera and turns on when the glasses is recording a video.  It is normally controlled by the camera driver, but we exposed control of it as well.  The latest com.osterhoutgroup.api.ext.jar library has added APIs that are for camera LED turning on and off and get the status.



    * Activate camera LED

    * @param on true to turn on false to turn off.


   public void activateCameraLed(boolean on)



    * Get camera LED state

    * @return true if on false if off      


   public boolean isCameraLedOn()

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