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Support for Optional Corrective Lenses


Question: Would a user who requires vision correction be able to focus both on the display and his/her own hands? That is, would the system’s depth of field permit both to be in focus with a slight, natural change of the user’s focus?  Would contact lens user’s take out their lenses or leave them in? Lasik eye surgery customers? I’m assuming that people who wear glasses, couldn’t use the device.

ODG provides an optional accessory to correct for user vision differences.  It is frameless lenses that snap in to the glasses in front of the optics, underneath the magnetically mounted nose bridge.  If the user wears contacts, or has good vision, then these corrective lenses would not be necessary.  Some people have eye glasses that are small enough that they can leave them on and put our smart glasses on top of them, and this works fine as well.  Here’s a reference on the support site describing how to purchase the correctives:

As far as ability to focus, the focal length of the image displayed in the optics is ~ 8 ft. standard, and we are working on an option to adjust the focal length to about 2.5 ft.  The user’s vision needs to be good at whatever the focal length is, and generally the idea is to pick the focal length that coincides with what you are looking at in the real world the most often in the application.  So, if your application was to do AR with something you were holding in your hands, then pick correctives to optimize for that distance. Even with the focus distance of 8 ft., images rendered do appear very close to the user, and are very clear.  Please see this reference:


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