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ReticleOS Manual adb sideload Method (user build):


ReticleOS on glasses can be updated over the air (WiFi) from ODG's server via the System Update App. This allows the glasses to access the latest released OS. We are working on also providing access to beta previews for certain developers on a per ReticleID basis (feature to be announced later in 2017), also over the air. Until that facility is available, we will selectively distribute to certain developers sideloadable updates. This procedure below describes how to apply these updates.

First, your R-7 needs to be at OS version >= 3.5.17 first.  See this for instructions:


Also, you will need a development host (PC/Mac/Linux) that can connect to the Glasses via adb. See this reference and be sure the command adb devices returns a valid device id:


If you use Windows, then you may need to review this:


Finally, you will need to download a zip file containing the update. You will receive an email sharing the zip file with you via Google Drive or Dropbox. It will also specifically tell you what OS version you MUST update from. This is important, because the manual method does not mandate the version from which you are updating. Updating from an incorrect version may have odd or bad effects.


Once you've updated your device to the right version, you will be able to sideload the preview/beta OS.  Here are the steps and example output (version numbers will vary) :

  1. Download the OTA image (ODG_R7_V3.x.x.signed-ota_update.zip) to a host that has been set up to allow a USB connection to R-7 with adb.
  2. Boot R-7 by first pressing and holding the volume up button (the one closest to the front) and then press and release the power button.
  3. R-7 boots into Android system recovery mode.  Use the volume down button to select "Apply update from ADB" option, then press the power button.
  4. It will prompt you to send the package;  Enter the following command on your dev host running adb using the file you downloaded (make sure to supply the version specific file name you downloaded).
    • adb sideload ODG_R7_V3.x.x.signed-ota_update.zip
  5. This will then display on the dev host messages similar to the following:
    • loading: 'ODG_R7_V3.5.4.signed-ota_update.zip'
    • sending: 'ODG_R7_V3.5.4.signed-ota_update.zip'   0-100%    
  6. Upon completion of the transfer, you will see in the R-7 recovery console the following messages:
    • Restarting adbd
    • Finding update package
    • Opening update package
    • Verifying update package
    • Installing update
    • Patching firmware images
    • script succeeded: result was [/system]
    • Install from ADB complete.
  7. This will land you back in the recovery console option "reboot system now". Hit power button to reboot.


This will update only the Apps installed in the system Partition; Apps in the userdata partition should be unaffected.


  • The update does sometimes turn off all the wireless for some reason. You should be able to turn WiFI and BT back on after a graceful shutdown and restart.
  • Once you’ve updated, you should log in to AppCenter and see if any of your Apps need to be updated. Those that you update will have their Launcher shortcuts removed (we plan to fix this), but you can add the shortcuts back easily thru the usual means.
  • Sometimes the AppCenter update fails silently; you need to check notifications to determine if it failed; a -104 error indicates a certificate mismatch between the existing App and the new one. The work around for this issue is to uninstall the existing App and then install the new one.
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