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R-7 Camera Characteristics


The camera and display angle should be 0 degrees - meaning they are aligned in the X & Y.  The field of view of the display is ~ 30 degrees diagonally, while the camera's is much bigger.  Depending if you have the camera mounted in portrait or landscape (option during order), you can imagine how the field of views would overlay each other very differently.

The sensor is OV4688 from Omnivision.  We can't provide the spec sheet, as we have it under NDA.  But, high level, it is a CMOS 4 megapixel 2688X1520 sensor.  The data size captured will effect the maximum frame rate the sensor can capture :

  • 90fps   @2688x1520
  • 120fps @1920x1080
  • 180fps @1280x720

The focal length of the lens itself is listed as: 3.82mm but note that this is not that useful, as the focus can be adjusted by the auto focus. The depth of field for auto focus should be about: 10cm(Near) ~ infinity(Far)

Field of view will depend on zoom.  

At 1X zoom, the field of view is the largest (obviously).

Depending on if you have a landscape mounted or portrait mounted orientation, the horizontal field of view will be different. The diagonal field of view is 80-84 degrees at 16:9. This means the size is about 70 degrees in the long axis and 40 degrees in the short axis.   So, landscape mounting, horizontal FOV is ~ 70 degrees.

Public R-7 camera sensor info: OV4688 Sensor

Auto Focus - There are a few different focus settings:

  • Infinity - locked at Infinity
  • Auto - auto focuses when you take a picture
  • CAF (continuous auto focus) - will try focusing all the time (not just when you take a picture).

The Android APIs should be there for your App to set any of those modes. If you are streaming, you probably need to be in CAF mode.

You should be able to use the ODG standard Camera App to try out these modes; When you start it up, click on the Settings Icon (Gear), which brings up this:
Click on Focus (5th from left), which brings up the focus options:
CAF is continuous auto focus; that mode will cause the camera to refocus fairly often.
Auto will do a focus when you take a picture, but not before during preview.
You should try them out and see which best suit your use case.


For the record, R-6:



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