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Is there any way for me to tell the app to render the glasses "transparent" on a particular region?

ODG Smartglasses treat all black color as transparent. In your application you can set the layout background or the view background to black.  So for example if you want to have a full screen image and you want the center area to be see through. You can use a frame layout and center a view with a black background on top of that image.

Black is see-thru; black is absence of light;  If you are showing grey scale objects or almost black objects, they will show up somewhat.  Developers will need to try it out and see.  Your question: " If black is transparent (real-world background, outside environment, is seen through) on display, black objects should not be seen on white outside background, true?" ; the answer is, yes, true, assuming there is no background in your model to provide contrast.

As far as night vision and military applications, the way to address is by varying the brightness; we have automatic brightness control with some override controls, but basically, dialing the brightness way down still allows the user to see in very dark environments;  We can adjust color saturation as necessary at different ambient conditions, although this is not yet a standard feature. 

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