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Introduction to Reticle AppCenter – Developer Application Upload for Distribution


ODG App Center is a web site that allows developers to distribute their applications to ODG Glasses users. Applications can be distributed for free or for a fee.  If an App is provided for a fee, a percentage of the fee is used to support the ODG site operation.

Here's a brief Introduction to uploading your application(s):


You have to use the pull down menu in the upper right corner (with the icon of a person) to select create (an Reticle App Center account) and then log in.  This "Reticle ID" is what you use to log in from your glasses, as well as via your computer's browser.

Once logged in, you use the same pull down menu (now with your user name) to do the following:

  • Request a Dev Key - a key is needed when an App wants to implement "in App" purchases, for games say, or Apps that provide the option to update themselves to an enhanced version for example.
  • Upload an App
  • See published My Apps - this is where you will see uploaded Apps once approved.  (ODG is notified and we review and approve).
  • See which Apps you've selected for download (your Wishlist)


See this Support article for more information:


The App Center is at an Beta state right now, so let us know your comments and questions via the support site:


Thanks for your help!

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