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Mirroring the R-7 Display on an External Monitor or Computer


The R-7 supports Miracast / WiFi Direct. We've tested with Rocketfish & Belkin adapters and a couple of TVs. If you have a stereoscopic enabled TV, and are rendering S3D content on the glasses, the content will show up on the TV as S3D. Otherwise, you'll see a left and right display on the TV when the glasses are outputting S3D content. In 2D, everything is just normal.

(NOTE: ODG R-6 Smartglasses do not support this feature).

1. Go to Settings>Display>Cast screen once you've turned on your dongle or enabled the TV to receive. This is fairly intuitive to set up.

2. Select Cast Screen:

3. Once in this state, press the Menu Button, which pops up the System Control Panel with a new extra option at the end:

4. Click on the Enable Wireless Display ; Hit the Menu Button again to confirm it is checked:

5. At this state, press the button on the Miracast adapter.  Then, when TV shows up, select it.

(You may or may not need to then press a button on the dongle or TV remote to enable).

Dongles we've tested so far:

The Belkin has worked every time, so that one is most reliable. Next best is the actiontec. Worst is the Microsoft one, though we've heard that if you update its firmware, it works well, and there's been recent reports that new ones are working well.


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