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ReticleOS Compatible Third Party SDKs



On July 1, 2016, the custom R-7 version of the Wikitude SDK will be available on ODG’s Developer’s Site and on Wikitude’s ODG partner page.

Wikitude’s R-7 SDK allows developers to use the AR content creator, Wikitude Studio, providing a very powerful tool to create, manage, and monitor AR projects and apps. Wikitude’s SDK has the unique ability to recognize up to 1,000 target images offline allowing for AR applications to work reliably at any location, independent of internet connection.



EON Reality
Transform where, when, and how you learn with EON Reality's AR & VR knowledge transfer platform and ODG's R-7 Smartglasses.

This first of its kind wearable platform has been optimized for simulation, training and teaching material for workers in and out of the classroom. It can be easily integrated with existing learning management systems, data streams from industrial equipment and simulators, as well as blended video with 3D graphics.

More details coming soon!



With the Augumenta Interaction Platform SDK, enterprises are designing applications that are navigated and controlled with simple, easily learned gestures and use virtual data entry screens and control buttons that appear in the palm of a user’s hand.

The Augumenta SDK supports hand poses, gestures and a variety of virtual surfaces, including buttons, switches and sliders, greatly improving R-7 Smartglasses’ data input and interaction capabilities even in challenging operational environments.

More details on developing with Augumenta's  here:


PTC Vuforia

Vuforia's support for digital eyewear enables the creation of mixed reality AR/VR gaming and educational experiences for video-see optical see-through devices such as the ODG R-6 / R-7.

Read more on developing for Vuforia and Unity here.



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