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Determining the WiFi MAC address on the R-6 Smartglasses


R-6 Smartglasses

Each pair of R-6 smartglasses WiFi has a unique, randomly generated MAC address by default. 

To view from Android GUI go to -->  Settings -> Wireless & Network -> Wi-Fi settings, then press the menu button, and select Advanced. 


From your console, the ifconfig command will show the MAC address & state of the interface when the R-6 smartglasses have WiFi enabled.


tiwlan0   Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:67:FC:60:F8:E2

If a specific MAC address needs to be set on the R-6 smartglasses edit the file: /mnt/config/system.prop

and add the MAC address following the "emac.id=" on a line by itself.   



 After this file is changed you will need to reboot the device twice (x2) before the MAC address is updated.

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