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Transferring Files to and from Glasses over USB


This is a quick reference guide to connecting and using USB with the R-6 Smart Glasses.

  • How do you put content on or take video/pics off the glasses?  Via USB is the easiest. Use the supplied USB cable is the Mag to Standard A USB (male) connector.

  • How do you get glasses to show up on a MAC without installing Android File Manager?  It is currently not possible to use USB without Android File Manager on a MAC; however, iPhoto supports Camera photo transfer protocol (PTP) for photos (See below).

  • Android devices (including R-6) support Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), which is natively supported by Windows and Linux. On Mac, MTP is not natively supported, but you can install Android File Transfer App https://www.android.com/intl/en_us/filetransfer/ which then supports it.  When you plug the glasses in via the standard Mag to Standard A USB cable, a Android File Manager window pops open with the files/directories on the glasses exposed. Now you can drag and drop files to and from your MAC file manager.

  • If you want to switch from MTP to PTP, you must:

    1. Plug in glasses
    2. Short press on menu button (pops open system control panel)
    3. Select gear icon (extreme left) - pops a menu
    4. Select notification from menu
    5. Select “Connected as a Media Device”
    6. You should now be in System Settings where you can change from MTP to PTP.
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