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Automatic Brightness Control


ODG has implemented three different software controls to adjust the brightness settings depending on the user’s needs. Each of the controls are preliminarily calibrated to preserve maximum color gamut and continuous color levels, up to the limitations inherent in the current prototype hardware. Production hardware undergos a calibration routine before shipment and enables UI features for the user to edit the existing modes listed below.

  • Three separate preset modes for ideal viewing during bright daylight, normal indoor lighting and low light or night time viewing, where full color rendition is still desirable.
  • Manual brightness slider with gamma calibration to provide linear response to user control.
  • Automatic mode which dynamically adjusts brightness in real time by adjusting the brightness of the display backlight, minimizing excessive stray light generation and preserving the color balance of the display. The current range of this mode is attached to the brightness range between daytime and nighttime presets which will be configurable in production units.
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