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R-7 Screen Capture


There are lots of options for taking screen shots and remotely viewing and controlling the glasses. 

    • If you press the power and volume - buttons at the same time, this will capture the display to a file in the Pictures/screenshot folder
    • Another solution is Vysor, an App that works over USB or WiFi (you need the Pro version for WiFi) - see article below: https://developer.osterhoutgroup.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000135904-Mirroring-the-Glasses-Displays-on-a-Computer-using-Vysor
    • Teamviewer is one of our partners, and their App Quick Support is on AppCenter. It allows a remote session on another host to view and control what's happening on glasses.
    • Finally, a simple adb command:  
      • adb shell screencap -p | perl -pe 's/\x0D\x0A/\x0A/g' > screen.png
Some older ways to do screen capture at a low frame rate: This may be suitable for showing images of the UI, but it is not the best solution for showing AR Apps or Apps that show video, for example.

Android  screencast works for screen capture; however it is a fairly low frame rate (4-5 fps max). It works over USB unless adb is shut off by security settings. Since Android Screencast is pretty old, Oracle Java 7 does not like how it behaves. For Android Screencast to work on a Mac, add this line of code to the exception site list in the java control panel.

Also, you cannot use Chrome as your default browser, since Chrome is not a 64 bit browser (yet). Instead, use either Safari or Firefox. Then, with some contorted fingers, you can take screen shots as seen in this example.

On Linux hosts, https://github.com/sankaryg/sji-android-screen-capture works pretty well. However, it is a bit more complicated to set up and has fewer more options.

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    Raúl García Rodríguez

    A very easy way to perform a simple screenshot (no video), is like the usual of most Android devices. Press the shutdown button, and the volume down button at the same time.
    This screenshot will be stored in the gallery, inside the screenshots folder. In the image the two screens are captured at a resolution of 1280x720 pixels, however the image only appears on the left compressed to a resolution of 640x720 pixels, while in the other half of the image, it appears in black.
    I guess that the capture mode will have something to do in the display mode of the screens, cloned or extended. But that is something I have not been able to configure in the device settings. I have only seen some reference to the change of display mode in the article "Stereoscopic 3D Rendering on the R-7" in ODG Developer Center / Documentation / Display & Optics. I've also tried setting the display to a single screen, but it also captures the two screens.
    Finally, I had to manipulate the image with an editing program, to cut out the black part of the capture, and to enlarge the resulting image from 640x720 to 1280x720 pixels.

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