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Microphones: R-7 Smartglasses


Explanation of the Microphones on the R-7 smartglasses

There are two microphones in the glasses; One is the default that points forward, the other points downward towards the wearer of the glasses. 

Please refer to Android API: http://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/MediaRecorder.AudioSource.html

  • MIC

Our platform only supports the above 2 variables. Default is same as MIC. Camcorder is the forward facing one.

We also support connecting to bluetooth headsets, and there are a range of those with special microphones that implement noise cancelation for outdoor issues; A BT microphone will take precedence over the local microphones in the glasses when it is paired.  It should  be used when any of the VOICE_* sources are specified, as per this API:


Note that we have a report that the audio source VOICE_COMMUNICATION does not work (we are verifying).
VOICE_COMMUNICATION is suppose to fall back to DEFAULT if VOICE_COMMUNICATION is not supported. and DEFAULT is MIC. That is the correct API behavior. So using VOICE_COMMUNICATION should work, but it may be broken right now.

Mic Input Gain

Also note, the default mic input gain is set pretty low.  Most Apps either enable automatic again control, or they do a calibration and adjust.  Here's a reference: http://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/audiofx/AutomaticGainControl.html
We are not certain yet if auto gain control works, but we do know an App can adjust the input gain.
If one use a voice recorder that does not allow adjustment of the mic input gain, the recording is very quiet.  This one:
allows one to pick using the bluetooth headset mic, and when you do, the sound recorded is much louder.
allows one to adjust input gain; it has an auto AGC mode, or manual, and the manual level gets set via a calibration.
When run, it adjusted it up by 18X.  Then, the recording sounded great.  At 1x, it was very quiet, like the first recorder.
Try to boost input gain, and that should help.  It is still unknown if we can change the default input gain so Apps that don't adjust will work better.  That's still outstanding.

Wired Mics

We did do some integration with USB connected microphones a couple of years ago, but that would require you to have one of our battery packs that support connecting USB devices to the glasses. If you are interested in this, please contact us.

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