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Parallax can be adjusted by shifting the pixels of each display away from the nose, most people just call this 3D rendering. IF you are trying to render 2D content at a different fixed distance, than simply move the center point of this rending out by a certain number of pixels depending on if you are using R-6 or R-7 glasses. In either case, it is less than 44 pixels on each display since the toe in angle is 0.74° to converge at 8-feet. Since display alignment is fixed in our factory, you will be losing these pixels from the full effective 1280 pixel width of the displays; however, we could conceivably make this adjustment in the display driver alignment calibration and save some of the resolution when using our focus shift elements to set the focus at different distances. There will be other implications to this such as a minimal amount of keystone, but at 0.75° these effects will only be academic and very small.

  • What's the best approach to change the parallax?

Use a 3D rendering tool like Unity and this will be taken care of automatically. Otherwise, you will need to figure out the algorithms and do the math :-)

  • When you say the parallax can be changed, do you mean the parallax of the image "within" the virtual screen, or the virtual screen "itself", or both?

This is just how you choose to set up the stage in Unity for 3D content. Since the virtual screen is fixed by our optics, any changes in 2D parallax distance of the entire display will take place inside the virtual screen.

  • We noticed that there is a glow on the screen when its meant to be black. This corresponds to the screen being on, but can this glow be eliminated?

The displays have a fixed contrast ratio. The R-6 glasses don't currently have the automatic brightness feature enabled, so it is possible to have the displays set to a higher brightness than necessary for the environment and the black level will be visible. In the R-7 glasses there is both a higher contrast ratio and higher available brightness so we have enabled the automatic brightness feature to continuously maintain the optimum visibility and see-through clarity of the projected image.

  • Can the parallax be increased? If so, by how much? Infinity?

It is possible for us to digitally adjust the fixed parallax of the displays. However, this is not a feature we have exposed after out factory calibration. If you wish to shift the pixels out from the nose by a bit less than 40 pixels on each display, the images will be near infinity convergence, but you need to be careful that no users see an image beyond parallel parallax as we have found it to induce headaches or discomfort for most users, and we don't advise you to do this. 


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