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Design Process for AR


By Morgan Fritz


The ODG Developer Center is rightfully named as a hub for development resources. However, these articles are for designers, exploring our process for ideating in augmented and virtual reality.


Design Process

The first, AR/VR Design Process: Move from Organization to Ideation, outlines the initial stages of our design process. Here we discuss organization, research, persona development, and ideation.


Prototyping Process

Part two of our process, AR/VR Prototyping: Take Designs from Paper to Glasses, speaks to the prototyping methods and the tools we experiment with for visualizing ideas. Here we outline prototyping tools we found to work well for our needs, and additional tools that may work well for others.


Resources Page

The final article, AR/VR Resources: Learning and Inspiration, outlines a list of valuable links to content in the field, tutorials, and inspirational individuals.


Best Practices

Additionally, we posted an ODG Design Best Practices article for requirements and recommendations when creating content and user experiences for R-8 and R-9 ODG Smartglasses.


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